More on the Buick Riviera concept

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A very nice design
But, it will stay what it is: a exercise in showing off.

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  1. That rear end makes me want to think that Buick may be the first to have a coupe version of the Kappa Cars. I didn’t read the stats, but it just makes me think Kappa.

  2. Man that looks amazing. To bad nothing anywhere close to that will come to production.

    It’s been impossible to find small sleek coupes like that anymore. Nowadays is all big, huge engined uber cars. I want something small and light, with an engine no bigger than 3.0L – a true sports car. The only way to get a car like that these days is roadsters, but they don’t have the sleek look because of the rake of the windshields. About the only place you can find a small super-sleek coupe like this is the Lamborghini Gallardo and of course that’s well out of any normal person’s price range.

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