More pictures of the BMW CS Concept

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Let’s hope this is actually the next 7 series.

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  1. I am pretty sure this isn’t the next 7 series, it is the CLS competition for sure. It’s dimensions are almost identical to the CLS save for this being shorter and lower. Also the Z8 inspired interior is also another indication that it isn’t the next 7.
    There have been rumors about the name…some say 8 series but I am thinking something more like a 2 digit alpha-numeric like teh X and Z series. So maybe an F6? Most other like naming are being taking up (thanks Pontiac) and others don’t sound too hot…let’s see the possibilities…

    A- Audi/Chery
    B- Subaru
    C- Cunningham (C8), but still possible?
    D- too close to Aston martin?
    E- MBZ
    F- possible
    G- Pontiac
    H- possible
    I- nah…
    J- don’t know Infinit-ish
    K- nah…
    L- very very possible considering BMW used this in the past. Remember the L7?
    M- obvious reasons
    N,O,P- nah…
    Q- see J
    R- possible
    S- see A
    T- Vovlvo
    U- nah…
    V- that’s just funny
    W- VW
    X- see M
    Y- nah…
    Z- see X,M

    So L6/L7/L8 or F…I think I like L7 the best.

  2. The front is a little to Z4 for my taste. Grill is too smalll for such a large looking car.

    To the First Post thanks for the info. I ‘ve also read about this being possible the next 7 or above that model 8 series possiblity. But i agree with you if it’s about the same size as MB CLS, it’ll possible be something under the 7 series and above the 5 series.

    I vote for L or maybe even B (for BAverian) series.

  3. it looks too much like an aston martin rapide with awkwardly implemented bmw styling elements. fix the oversized grille,overdone lower air intakes and dodge charger-esque shoulder and the design will improve dramatically, i think. but then it’ll look even more like the rapide.

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