More pictures of the melted Lexus

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Looking a bit less melted.
But not prettier.

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  1. Looks like a Highlander? It is a Highlander! Rebadged with all the bells and whistles and twice the price! According to Toyota’s research department there’s a sucker born evey minute!

  2. This is not based on the Highlander.
    This is the Lexus version of the new Toyota Land Cruiser. (Not out yet)
    A truck.

    The Highlander is a car, based on the Camry.

  3. One of the advantages of working for a company exhibiting at the NY Auto Show is being able to check out the new vehicles as they’re revealed. I’ve seen several so far, including the rather dowdy-looking Lexus LX570. It’s uninspired design is only offset by a comfortable, nice-looking interior marred by rather shoddy assembly. Who put this thing together, blind people? Noticeable in enlarged photos (and more so in person) are mismatched panels and uneven gaps. Note the poor fit of the panel under the glove box door, for instance. For it’s price point, there are much higher quality vehicles in its class to choose from. Looks to me that either Toyota is either taking the buying public for granted or can’t handle being a big company.

  4. Outside just aweful. Inside almost as bad. Sometime less is more. That center stack has soo many buttons, angles, etc etc I would hate to look at it every day.

  5. I agree with anon, I’m not sure if Toyota can handle being a big company, but the car will fit together properly when its produced. This is a hand built one, its not production ready. Still, it is a pretty disappointing truck. I was planning to buy the this one before it came out, hopefully the Toyota branded one looks better. -G

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