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Again, this still might end up replacing our Matrix.
With a 2.4 Liter from the Camry.

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  1. the back looks like the stuff that comes out of a butt. come on toyota, stick with the conservative styling.

  2. Could be worse, but what is that suede-looking material on the dash (especially the glovebox door)? It even appears to show three fingerprint marks in the third picture.

  3. I saw the next Matrix, it looks almost exactly like the current one, especially the interior that consists of those “POD” gauges. The body is a bit bigger but the quarter window in the rear has been deleted that makes a thick strong C pillar. Vince is right, it will come with 2.4L Camry engine with optional 18″ wheels. Just to let you guys know that don’t keep the hope too high for the next Matrix. But we MIGHT get a 3-door Auris as our Corolla coupe.

  4. I saw the next Matrix, it looks almost exactly like the current model only with a freshier headlights and tail lights. Interior looks almost the same. Body is a bit bigger but there will not no quarter rear window which makes the C-pillar very thick like the xD. Vince is right, base engine will be 2.4L from the Camry/tC. Optional wheels go as big as 18″.

  5. see people… this is what will happen when you complain about toyota bland styling… they will come up with crap like this… just let them do what they do best.

  6. Makes no sense with the Camry engine. Granted the base car (JDM Auris) runs the 1.5 Echo/Yaris/xA/xB and new 1.8 Corolla engines, while the JDM Blade currently is equipped with the Camry 2.4 and soon to be released with the corporate 3.5 V6, this may actually be one case where the US version should come over with a smaller engine. 2.0 4-cylinder range, perhaps? It is supposed to be a Corolla-level model, after all.

  7. Haha, it looks like shit. And those that buy it because of it’s brand name deserve to be laughed at.

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