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It’s a sad fact, but most Chinese cars are still copies of other models.
The one on top reminds me of the Fiat Panda.
Can you guess what they used as “inspiration ” for the others?

By the way, I have no idea what Chinese brand is putting these out.
I just know it isn’t Chery…

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  1. Those are Great Wall prototypes. Remember the Scion xB/Fiat Panda/Scion xA copies not long ago? They are the makers of this trio. The first car has obvious Fiat Panda cues, especially on the rear. The third car has alot of the previous-gen Nissan Serena cues. The second one blatantly has the Yaris rear and side profile.

  2. Yeah, the second one almost makes you think that some italian design house penned it after the same fiat model. It amazing what the chinese can get away with. They just shouldn’t be allowed to export their cars considering that the cheap price is no mystery, its cause they stole everything from the technologies to the designs.

  3. The Chinese basically have a template of design elements, and they seem to just write each one down on pieces of paper (if you can even describe such atrocities of design elements), put the pieces of paper in a hat, and draw three or four at a time. It’s just random chance which ones they draw. After three of four of them are selected, the Chinese design vehicles with every one of those design elements they drew from the hat. For instance, the SUV on the top, they drew “Cute Car Front Fascia,” “Jeep Safari Lights,” and “Gray Plastic Wheel Wells.” Then they took a basic shell/design/outline of an SUV and pasted those elements on their final drawings to send to the manufacturer. Think of it like a word bank for a fill-in-the-blank exam. And think of choosing all the wrong words and failing the exam.

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