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Couldn’t guess from the pictures what a Ford 500 with a Taurus badge would look like?

Vince Burlapp to the rescue!

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  1. Cmon, we all know that the move to rename the 500 the taurus is only good in the eyes of journalists and analysts. They looked on paper and couldn’t get over all the sales ford had lost by discontinuing the taurus which, by the end, was mostly to fleet sales or high incentive giveawawys anyway.

    Im sure the taurus name might help a little to remind people what market this car is in, but cmon, the 500 isn’t going to get that many sales regardless of what you call it. What market is that car really in. It has some nice features to it but its just such an uninspired car way beyond what one would even expect from a taurus replacement. Maybe the name taurus will carry through and help an improved redesign but this car was just a waste of time (and resources) for ford.

  2. Just a bunch of corporate suit talk. I’d be embarrassed to have to tow that line.

    At least the Taurus has a handsomer grill and more horsepower than the 500.

  3. Why do the Taurus and Sable look so jacked up? They really need some lowering, they look funny as they are now.

  4. I recently read that China is going to get the Ford Mondeo. I think they are going to build them there too. I just thought I’d throw that out there. Thanks Ford! Thanks alot!

  5. Yeah wtf, its not like they don’t even have anything better. That’s what’s pathetic about ford. Their European brand is building top notch class leading cars (focus and mondeo) and we’re still stuck with last gen peice of crap cars that don’t sell.

    Well if somone buys them here then maybe 10 years in the future ford can afford to upgrade to the current gen of vehicles. Or maybe their new ceo can just use his 4 month 30 million salary to bring those cars over.

  6. 9:40 here,

    I guess it’s stricktly a business thing. I guess there’s a ton more money to be made in China (also way more growth) than in the US so they are dedicating more resources toward that market. It’ll be sad to see the
    chinese sell a ton of cars here in the US and steal a chunk of Fords market share. Then Ford will be scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong in the US and wondering why people in the US are buying japenese, korean and chinese cars.

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