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The Allion is the Avensis Japanese cousin.
They share a lot, but have their own design. The Scion TC is also based in the same platform.
So if the Allion is new, you know a new Avensis and Tc are on their way…

It looks as boring as any other recent Toyota sedan. But the interior seems to be a bit better than out Camry.
In Japan, engines offered will be :
-1.5 Liter 110hp
-1.8 Liter
-2.0 Liter 158hp

More pictures later.

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  1. Our 05 tC is decent. 78K miles, 32-34MPG. 0-60 low 8’s(upper 7’s, I herd, with manaul shifter). That’s faster than the Rabbit,8.5 seconds to 60, with it’s 150 HP.5 cylinder enginer(and lesser weight, and not so great MPG, either). Faster than the Lancer(08), I heard( think Edmundss said 9.1 seconds, or something like that, with Manual! CVT is slower, I bet).
    Hoping they keep up the decent work on the next gen tC( Scion dealer told us there may be a 4 door xR sporty sedan, but not sure if it will replace the tC, or be another car in their line-up)?
    tC …if we wanted to, we could trade it in for a Profit, at 32 months, 78K miles( check out KBB… see if I am making this stuff up).
    If we did not get 66 months payments, say 60, we would make 1,500 on it, vs breaking even on trade-in!
    We could get a new one every 3 years, or less, if we wanted, and not lose 1 cent on trade-in, maybe even make a few dollars!

    This design for the sedan may be a bit boring, but the tC? They sure know how to tune a platform for fun! The synchronized 3rd gear(from drive) is decent for passing gear on hwy, but not really needed, only used it 2 times, for quick passing gear.

    The reclining rear seats are cool, too. Carried 5 people( from 5’7 to 6′ tall) in the car, all at once. No big deal.
    A little tight, but try this in a Eclipse, or Tibruon, lol.

    Anyhow… here’s hoping they bring out a new tC next year… maybe by end of Summer.
    Might be able ot dump my Sonata by then, and not take a big hit on trade in!

    3 doors are great for versatility. Coupes look cool, but a trunk on a coupe (like our 90 sentra had)… is”why bother”, to me, anyways.
    take care and not offense at my commentary.

  2. Honda fanboys get your facts straight

    go look at the first toyota solara, can you see your future civic headlights? LOL

  3. That looks terrible from head to toe. It reminds me of a last generation saturn whateveritwas.


  4. what year is this??1981?????
    this is pure crap from japan again

    honda toyot is its slal thes ame garbage

  5. I am not a Honda fan…nor a fan of Toyota, so I wouldn’t know about the first gen solara. But anyways either way you look at it nothing original.

  6. Actually Allion is Corolla Sedan’s brother… If you look at the back lines, you will notice it is very similar to new Corolla Sedan.

    It is also significantly cheaper than Avensis in Japan, smaller sized, with smaller engines…

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