Next Ford Fiesta?

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British magazine Auto Express seems to think the new Fiesta will just end up being a Mazda 2 with some changes.
In any case, we are supposed to get the Fiesta in the US.
I am not sure if there is such a market for such close cars. I guess they do it with Ford/Mercury….

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  1. Looks fantastic, now just stick a small displacement diesel in it. When gas rises above 3 bucks again Ford will look like geniuses.

  2. Most Americans really don’t want tiny cars except in crowded places such as here in San Francisco.

    But gas prices here are nearly (and at some places over) $4 per gallon, so little cars will be in demand unless/until gas prices drop.

    If prices drop far enough for a long enough time, people will go back to trucks and other guzzlers because that’s what most Americans prefer to drive.

  3. Mmmm… something tells me ford no longer has the capability to produce cars on its own. Most of its cars mechanics being developed by volvo and mazda for thier own cars, then ford steps and says “i’ll take that platform thank you!” the only thing that’s giving ford any credibility whatsoever is its european operations, well if the next fiesta is simply a rebadged 2, then this could change my mind. The new ford Motto: “Ford. Showing the world the art of uncreativity”

  4. Great looking small car. Anyone complains about this ford effort would complain about anything ford does peroid.

  5. Anonymous said…

    Has Ford just given up trying to be competitive?

    In America? Yes. In Europe, generally no. Then there’s this exception of the Fiesta being a rebadged Mazda. Nice-looking but still rebadging.

  6. that’s what u get from any of these giant corporations
    the middle layer managements are so f*ed-up, they always create jobs/projects for themselves – not for the company

    couple that with a bunch pencil pushers who always claims all the credit in the end.

    it’s really a good time for smaller auto companies (i.e.: korean & chinese) to gain momentum

  7. Lets see, every auto company rebadges, but is lony bad in ford does it. you people are stupid

    You’re point is valid, but the topic is specifically about Ford, not every auto company.

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