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The Avensis is one of Toyota’s most important model in Europe.
The current model has not been that popular against the Ford Mondeo, Renault Laguna and other models from Peugeot Opel or Fiat.
But the next design will be a big step forward for Toyota and will be much more in touch with European design taste.
A wagon will follow closely the new sedan.

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  1. Looks pretty nice to me. Seems like the ideal replacement for the corolla. C’mon Toyota, step out of your boring ways on our side of the pond, give the masses something with just a little flair…

  2. This design reminds me a lot of the Honda Civic. I wish the actual one is more imaginative than derivative

  3. Why can’t we get cars like this and the Ford Mondeo over here?? Cars that people actually want to buy…

  4. Any idea if this will be a whole new chassis or just a new body with some upgraded bits. The dimensions look pretty similar to the current Avensis.

    The chassis of the current Avensis is the basis for the Scion tC, so I wonder if a new Avensis will also supply the chassis for the next Scion tC, or if Toyota will do completely new development for the next tC.

    In any case, it looks good. The current Avensis was never a looker and is getting pretty old.

  5. It’s very rare that I feel this way about European models, but that’s a car I hope we don’t get in the States.

  6. The Scion tC is based off the Avensis. I wonder if this means the new tC will be based off this new Avensis? hmm…

  7. I like it!

    A bit square, though, just like a lot of other modern cars. The public likes it that way, though.

    I think I like “round” cars.

  8. Looks like it has no trunk. What size car is this, it looks bloated. I saw a new Sentra, and I think they need to make it smaller; it was almost as long as my Cirrus and if not wider and taller.

  9. I like it. But it does look like the bastard child of a Sentra and Civic.

    Remember the “back to the drawing board” stories about the next Corolla once Toyota got a peek at the current Civic? Perhaps this is the result.

  10. Looks like Volkswagon de Mexico is now influencing Mr. Big from Asia when it comes to front end designs. I could have sworn this was a 5.5 Passat picture, or its bigger brother.

  11. Very slick style, but don’t expect the new Corolla to look like that.
    Truth is that high volume cars like the Corolla (and others) must hold adult passengers in the back seat and the driver must be able to see out of them, too.
    The tank slit windows and overall shape suggest that there wouldn’t be much comfort for people in the back. These kinds of cars must be practical or most people won’t buy them.

  12. Vince: Today is the 13th(and this was posted on the 12th?)…not Sunday the 15th of April( as your headline claims)….

    Ummmmm.. I would rather have the overseas version…of the Corolla.
    This is too much” Civic” looking, and the eggcrate grille is on par, to me, of being sickening akin to Dodge Ram-like Grilles on the Dodge Avenger, for one..

    Dump it!

    This sure ain’t no tC (although the tC is based on Avensis)….or Lancer, in looks, that’s for sure, not by a mile!
    It looks ok…but, I thought Toyota was going for something different, not more of this “me-too” nonsense.

    It’ll sell tons, though, especially if it gets 40 hwy/30+ city, if we have$ 3+ dollars per gallon of gas, when it arrives, whatever desding they give the U.S.( the Yaris looks, or this, or something in-between).

    I am just tired of all the guessing. Heard the USA version will be shown in September, overseas autoshow?

    Where’s our Lancer-like car, but 40 MPG hwy, and 18K loaded(no CVT, either, maybe a 5 speed auto-manual?)!?

    That would be well worth the wait and the $$$!!!!!!!

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