Nissan Coupe pricing

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I hear $20 490 to start.
Anyone can confirm this?

That seems to be a great price to me…

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  1. yes Vincenzo, go to Nissan/Infiniti News bureau….I posted all pricing there on this incredible VALUE! Nissan Does it Again!

  2. Also Vince, I just released information on Nissan/Infiniti news bureau regarding Maxima Diesel that I told you about here a short while ago.

  3. 2.5 S model (with 4cyl) standard push button start, 4 wheel ABS, 6 speakers with aux jack, 6 airbags starts at $20,490. 3.5 SE (w/ 6cyl) starts at 24,890 – adds sunroof, sport suspension, 17in wheels, fog lights, folding heated outside mirrors with led turn indicators. Say’s something about Convenience, Premium & Tech page options available for both. This was from the Nissan website. Those prices kick honda accord in the a$$.

  4. that crap wishes it looked like a monte carlo
    the chevy is cheaper, better more powerfull and way better built
    and it is made by real americans for americans

  5. Thanks Nissan for kicking GM, Ford, and Chrysler’s arse once again. When will they ever learn? Oh, me thinks it’s too late for now! Once the new Corolla and Scions and Accords and…. it will be time for the American clowns to fold up the tent. It’s over.

  6. I’m not sure why we have so many Americans who are just chomping at the bit for American car makers to fail. Seems as though it would be the opposite way around

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