No Scirocco for the US

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The next VW coupe will be based on the Iroc concept from last year.
But VW has announced it will not be sold in the US.

How long do you think it will take them until they cave from the pressure?
Once it is released in Europe, it will be featured in every single US car magazines.
And people will want it.
And VW will cave.

So I bet you we’ll end up getting it.
3 or 4 years late. As usual with VW…

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  1. At some point Volkswagen will realize what they are giving up by continuously ignoring the needs of their American market.

  2. “dealers were overwhelmingly against the scirocco. they said it would kill the GTI sales.”
    Umm, and replace them with Scirocco sales…so what’s the problem exactly? When pulling ‘facts’ from thin air try to ensure they make sense first.

  3. Maybe VDub is holding off to build excitement within the US. 2-3 years “late”er, they’ll bring it here and sales will sky rocket! Or better yet, they could e holding off so that they have a chance to work out all the kinks before the US gets to bash it for it’s “QC”. My 2 cents…

    – Kern

  4. maybe that’s the whole point, so what if it affects GTI sales? US customers will have something more dynamic and attractive than a GTI. Then again, this is typical VW, they bring bring old models to the US. I bet the current gen golf in the states will outlast the next gen golf.

  5. Honestly, it’s not that much better than a GTI. I wish VW would have tapped into the retro machine to give us a Scirocco with a sleeker roofline like the original. The GTI just looks like a scaled down minivan by comparison. I wanted to get a VW next, but after reading the new VW forums on the quality is still not there.

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