Phaeton to return in the US!

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As soon as next year!
The 4 WD “Cross” version of the large VW will be the only model offered in the US.
With the V10 diesel as an option (finally).

This could be the only car of its kind on the market and might have a better chance.

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  1. oh the horror!

    what is volkswagen thinking?? they used to have some of the most beautiful cars in the class (last gen jetta, passat)…

    this phaeton is much uglier than the original. these tack-ons remins me of the plastic cladding happy ponticas

  2. I have a feeling that this is an April Fool’s Day joke. There’s no official press release or any details to accommpany it. The grille is poorly tacked on and the wheels are from the CrossGolf. Nice one though. Happy April Fool’s Day,


  3. clever joke, had me fooled, but it’s pretty believable since VW is “Crossing” everything these days. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they made such a move with the Phaeton. I can just see it, VW execs looking at this blog and thinking “not such a bad idea!” hehe.

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