Prius crash against SUV

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Another interesting video.
A Toyota Prius against a Toyota SUV, sold here as the Lexus GX. So you know it is big and heavy.

The Prius seems to be doing really well against the much heavier truck.
Good to know…

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  1. That SUV is not as heavy as you might think. Thats a 2 door Toyota Prado, probably powered by a 4 cyl diesel. Its a lot lighter than the V8 GX470 sold here.

  2. Prius: Hope the next gen is cheaper, as rumors are that the battery pack will be 1/2 of current prices. Since other companies CLAIM( 2010- Volt, for one) hybrids by 2010…. maybe they’ll keep prices in check( what would be cool to know is how long before thebatterioes fry out… if it were 300,000, I’d get a hybrid. if it’s 150-180K, that is barely 4.5 years for us, and we’d still be paying on payments for the car).

    Good 2 know this thing can take abuse. I know on some sites( in Detroit) the UAW’ers are always saying”Prius is small( in lenght, it is compact sized, in EPA interior volume, it is midsized )you’ll get killed in a wreck”… guess I’ll post yer link to the geniuses there and , as per usual, Prove them 100% wrong.LOL.
    Only on your site, Vince, do we get videos such as this, first!

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