“Regular” 2008 Impreza hatchback

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I think this has more chances to appeal to small car buyers than the horrible looking sedan.
But again, I do like hatchbacks.
So what do I know…

Subarus are very good cars, and if the price is right, thya might even sell a few…

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  1. I am guessing 24 mpg. Many people looking in this size range are interested in good mpg figures and a low cost. Subaru has neither, but I agree it is a good car.

  2. the front looks to much like the much more affordable kia spectra. subaru is a great brand with reliable car but their styling is so bland. the only car that is remotely appealing is the legacy. they need to step their game up or else. they dont sell that many cars to begin with, they cant afford to lose the customers the already have.

  3. Oh Boy! It’s a WRX minus a hood scoop and ricer motor! I understand Subaru wants more buyers toward the WRX, but that’s what makes the WRX a WRX…it’s for those that are car enthusiasts…Come on Subaru! Just because Toyota has some of your stock doesn’t mean you have to make people snooze!

  4. The questionable grill looks more suited for ordinary models. It just stuck out on the boy-racer model. The interior is much better looking in two-tones rather than that drab, all black one.

    I didn’t expect to like this, but I kinda do.

  5. I’m really disapointed in this new design…everything from the curves to the grill. To me, it looks like cobbled/awkward design one would expect from a Korean manufacturer.

    Scratch the next-gen WRX off my list 🙁

  6. i never liked the idea of a WRX hatchback, now that i see the results, it really was a terrible idea. The old wrx used to stand out. I hope subaru find thier way again, they really had a nice agressive design language with the pre-3 slot nosed wrx. they really should’ve moved ahead with it.

  7. The interior is definitely the best feature in this car. It reminds me of something in a BMW, and that crème color for the steering wheel is nice.

  8. Imagine if GM & Saab were still in the picture. We’d be looking at the next 9-2, which would undoubtedly have a better looking fascia.

    Instead it looks like it’s been rammed thru the Toyota Camryifier!

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