Return of the 2002?

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At least for the US market, some people are BMW are still thinking about using the “2002” name for the upcoming 1 series coupe and convertible.

Not sure if that many people here remember the old BMW model.
One thing is for sure, this small coupe will look great.

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  1. If this comes to Canada before the end of the year, I might consider buying this over the 335i that I have been waiting for. Hopefully it will come with the twin turbo engine as well!

  2. That rendering is based on a recent spy photo of an undisguised BMW 1-Series Coupe during a photoshoot spotted in the US. It’d make a viable successor to the 2002. But, it would need more than just a few dibs here and there to really succeed its legendary predecessor,


  3. You’re right about people not remembering the 2002 tag. I thought that with VW reviving the Rabbit in the US. It was more than 20 years since VW used that name… Longer than their target audience had been alive.

  4. Ah yes…the 2002…back when a BMW was affordable, actually looked like a BMW, and drove like nothing else.

    Those were the days, my friend…we thought they’d never end.

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