Revised Galant coming up?

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Seems like Mitsubishi might not be ready for an all new model yet.
So a “facelift” is in the near future.
And they could be adding a VR4 version to the line up.

I must have seen about 4 or 5 of these cars since they came out.
It has to be the least popular mid sized model in the US.
Or close.

Not sure what they can do about this.
But usually, a great design that people actually want to buy, goes a long way…

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  1. The way i see it, uninspired, souless designed killed a car company. Their new generation of cars compltetly dropped the ball and the company seems to have stayed the course right down the drain. Its really remarkable.

  2. I thought I heard rumors last year that the next Galant would be a world car, thus making it smaller than the current US one. Any confirmation of this?

  3. I kind of like the Galant. It looks quirky, but at least it doesn’t look the same. There’s one in my apartment complex, and it seems to stand out. Maybe it’s cause it’s the only one I see around here. I do agree they need to get on the ball, and not just with the Galant. I like the illustration, sort of like a bigger new Lancer.

  4. The 380 ( almost the same as Galant) was make or break for Mitsubishi’s Australian manufacture. To their credit Mitsubishi Australia did everything well, the quality and marketing was great, but no-one wants to buy this car and I dont like their chances getting the money to tool up for another model.
    The replacement is rumoured to be smaller but dimensions are not yet finalised. Design work is being done in Japan.

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