Riviera Concept with babe!

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Thanks to Autoblog, we can see what the good looking Riviera concept looks like next to a good loking human female.

Always good to know…

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  1. This car is attractive enough, but I just don’t get its purpose. What sort of statement is it trying to make as a Riviera…bloated fantasy car? Was there a design philosophy mentioned at the show…guidos trying to relive their childhood dream car?

    Only the grill, portholes, and badges look like Buick. Its top-hinged door is for folly only, of course, but did you see how hard it was for that woman to gracefully exit the car?

    As for the model herself, she certainly enjoyed the camera being on her. Can’t blame her, though. She’s selling her looks.

    Raise your glasses for a toast:

    Here’s to the split that never heals,

    the more you rub it the better it feels.

    And though you may rub hard as hell,

    you’ll never get rid of that fishy smell.


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