Roewe 750 in Europe

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Chinese/Korean car maker SsangYong (better known for its disturbing looking SUVs) will sell the “Chinese Rover” in Europe starting in 2009.

So they also could, later, sell the MG version, the MG7, and even more models like the smaller Roewe 450.

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  1. You seem to be getting your Roewe’s and MG’s mixed up Vince, the two cars now no longer have anything to do with each other, apart from the well publicised engineering links.

    Roewe and Ssangyong are owned by SAIC, while the remnants of MG Rover, including the MG brand name, are owned by SAIC’s smaller domestic rival, Nanjing Auto. So there’s absolutely no chance of any MG’s being sold alongside Roewe models in Ssangyong dealerships.

  2. Rover lights (actually pre-dated the Chrysler 300). Rover grille (actually pre dated the Audi). The Audi is a copy of the Rover.

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