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Toyota will replace the Solara Coupe and Convertible with an all new model after the 2008 model year.
I hear the new car would be a production version of the FSC Concept from a couple of years ago.
This picture is supposed to be that car.

The only info I have is that is is based on the Camry and uses similar powertrains.
I might be wrong. But then again, who else would be right…

It could also be the next RX. Although it seems a bit low for that…

This is just a picture of the FSC concept.
So we can all remember what it looks like.

More soon…

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  1. Vince, It looks more like a minivan than anything else. Look at the huge rear door and window(a minivan trademark) reminds me of the Nissan Quest. Could this be a replacement for the Sienna?

  2. that is a pretty vehicle, it may be out in time for the all-new murano. The new Murano, Due out in Jan. ’08 as an ’09. there will be no ’08. all -new, bigger, over 300 horse and, get this, a convertble version.You should see it!!!!! Yes, the king is first again. I know it sounds weird, but I’m never wrong! bank on it!

  3. Toyota did announce a while back they were replacing the Solara with a crossover. Looking at the rather staid and somewhat squarsh look of Toyota’s newest crossover, and comparing it to the FSC concept, it’s obvious the concept was nothing but an exercise in showing off.

  4. I drove a couple of Solara convertibles in the past year and I agree.
    They are great.
    I am amazed Toyota cannot find a market.

  5. How can u replace a coupe with a minivan thingy? I am absolutely confused… there is absolutely nothing about the two body styles that relate. HOW CAN U REPLACE A COUPE WITH A MINIVAN?


    Why not? All Toyota is doing is ending Solara production in favor of a crossover. There’s nothing that says a particular vehicle has to be replaced with the exact same type. So calm down. Take a deep breath. Relax.

  7. While I never drove a Solara coupe, I drove the convertible and it was nothing special. Subpar interior parts to go along with its rattles and shakes. Good riddance.

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