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Mitsubishi is still calling this a “study”.
Everbody else calls it the Evo X.
And it looks much better than the recently introduced Subaru WRX.
A much more grown up and elegant design.

No specs yet.

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  1. I thought both the new Subie and Evo looked horrid but these pics are starting to sway me towards the Mitsu. The front end looks a lot better in these pics.

  2. It’s hard to look grown-up with a wing that belongs on a Boeing stuck to the trunk…BUT…

    It does look good considering its purpose and niche. The interior too busy-looking in my opinion, however.

  3. Evo is a piece of crap…

    Sti don’t need DSG,electronic LSD, or the electronic assisted AWD…

    Subie does everything mechanical…

    When the STI arrives then we’ll see the difference between a true sport car and a electronic rally wannabe…

  4. I agree that Subaru is a better performing car, but I just can’t picture myself, staring at that thing in my driveway. WRX’s have never been “lookers” but it’s just brutal now.

    The EVO interior needs some help.

  5. If you can approach this car without having to put a towel over your head to keep from being recognized, then the interior is not going to bother you. I would be embarrased to drive a car with such a big “Look I’m a Rally Wana Be!” wing on the back.
    I am sure that Mitsu could have balanced functionality with visual appeal to come up with a slightly smaller basket handle hanging off of that trunk.
    Yes, please flame me! I know I totally miss the point of this car.

  6. I dig the Ferrari Daytona-esque seats on the Evo. They should make a wing delete option though, like Subaru had the lowkey spoiler on the STI Limited. At 27, the Fast & the Furious thing doesn’t work for me anymore.

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