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Subaru is looking to expend its line of cars. And I guess they think a minivan makes sense, somehow…

I would have hoped that a Subaru minivan would have been at least original, but after seeing the new Impreza and the revised Tribeca, it seems that all hope is lost.

Still, let’s hope this illustration is nowhere near what they are working on…

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  1. This van looks great, better than anything in the Subaru lineup, and better than any minivan out there. Will it be based on the Sienna AWD?

  2. I have a Tribeca and have had two WRXs and a legacy but I am no longer a Subaru fan. This is more evidence of their complete lack of direction, style and SENSE. I’m looking for another brand to love now…

  3. I agree this looks waaay better than anything out there save for the Odyssey. It looks lik ewhat the next Sienna could/should look like. I say build it. They also need a 350Z fighter. Possibly revive the SVX name. Imagine a mid size sports car with WRX STi -like performance…talk about an M3 killer for have the price.

  4. Dang it! Anonymous 6:53 beat me to it! I bet its just a Sienna underneath if Subaru is stupid enough to do it.

  5. I think it looks really good for a minvan. If they put that new 3.5l h6 with a 6spd auto and awd, I think they’d have a real winner. The only real problem is it won’t be cheap.

  6. Are you kidding me? This looks to be a Japanese car magazine photoshop of the current JDM-only Mazda MPV. And they didn’t even try very hard at that. Lame.

  7. I want a Subaru with some cargo space and agility and a beefy motor. As an outdoor fiend I’m tired of always hauling a Thule box on the top of my Outback wagon and still being cramped for space. I’m guessing that Subaru will sell lots of these to similar types and not just soccer moms.
    Subaru, please make it happen!!!

  8. I have 5 show dogs (huskies) and have owned 3 Subarus that I owned until they had really high mileage. I only gave up my Outback because my “family” outgrew it. I need 4 wheel drive since I live in the mountains. I have been driving a Kia Sedona for 3 years and although it’s nice, it’s no Subaru! I know many many dog show people who are eargerly awaiting a Subaru van. Needs to be just a little boxy in the cargo area and well ventilated. Pleeeeeeze just do it!

  9. Yes, Subaru mini van looks great and surely would be practicle in use. It should be produced soon.

  10. I agree that the new Impreza and the revised Tribeca are not so good, but I believe Subaru works on it and in future we’ll see some good model, and especially mini van.

  11. Maybe they will modify, but anyway quality and design of this model are not so high. It can’t compete with other models on the market.

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