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This is a crash test of their SUV model. (The one that is a bad Isuzu copy)
Much larger and heavier than their new small car.

It speaks for itself…

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  1. Looks like the airbag was virtually useless in this video. Just reminds me of why NOT to purchase Chinese made vehicles when the come abroad. It takes many many years to create a vehicle that is worth putting out and safe enough to drive in. I don’t know why these Chinese makes think they can just burst in to the US market where safety is one of the biggist sellng features of a car. That may be good enough for their market, but it would never fly over here.

  2. I’m so sorry Vince, but this time you really have to get your facts straight. This is not a model from Great Wall, this is a Landwind.

    The crashtested Jiangling Landwind (in Europe just sold as Landwind) was the version before Landwind retouched the car with a new front and rear, as well as new safety features. The ADAC never tested this car eversince.

    In fact, this was a publicitystunt of a German organisation that actually never crashtests cars. I’m onde hundred procent sure they crashed this car to tell all the people in the world they shouldn’t buy Chinese cars. German, rather, ofcourse.

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