“Toyota’s Smart”

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Toyota will show their new super mini at the Frankfurt auto show. The car should be going on sale in the Summer 2008.
And oddly enough, it might end up in the US as well.
That is if the Smart does faily well. I guess Toyota is watching how the Smart does in the US.

There are rumors about the design being based on the Endo concept from 2 years ago (Pictured here)

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  1. toyota junk! I hate everything toyota. ….and for good reason. I recently owned a Rav4, it was getting 10 mpg less than expected. The Dealer told me, that’s the way they are, you must be hard on it. I immediatly traded it in on a Nissan X-trail, which I am glad to report gets what they promised for fuel economy. This is one Canadian who won’t but toyota ever again!

  2. Id rather buy this over a smart just for the quality alone, and if the yaris starts at 12k they should sell this for under 10k and they will sell everyone they make !
    Ive heard from a few sources they are gonna bring this here to the states, and i hope they do regardless of smarts success, cause toyota is usually the trend setter not a follower. also Vince why do we have to type the stupid word verification twice everytime ? it never accepts the first one no matter how sober i am and how closely i try to get it right the first time !

  3. How is Toyota #1 when every car/suv I’ve seen from them recently looks like a designers bad dream?

  4. toyota’s quality has DEFINATELY declined recently. My dad used to have a 2003 Toyota Camry SE V6, which he was very happy with. The quality was great, and the car was reliable. Now, he owns a 2007 Toyota Camry SE V6, and he is quite disappointed. Sure, the engine is more powerful, but the leather is noticeably cheaper, the rear cup holder fell out of the armrest, and he’s had 2 check engine lights which Toyota cannot explain, and simply resets. The front passenger door also rattles a lot, and the dealer refuses to fix it. The car, by the way, has 4983km on it… it hasn’t even had its first oil change!!! The legendary quality is gone… so they better have some good looking cars up their sleeves….

  5. The only real trend, which is a repetitive action that leads in a certain area, is recalls. They have recalled more cars than they have built in the last year. Fat Cat syndrome is upon them and they will pay dearly. I was a toyota supporter until my 2003 camry had a major sludge problem that they tried for 16 months to put onto me for not maintaining properly. I did all the required maintenance and more. No can do fat cat, no more nice words for toyita.

  6. Might make a nice addition to the Scion line. I like the design. What is with the side view mirrors?

  7. What gives? We got GM wanting you to vote on a Roller Skate Vehicle(in size), now this “Toy”?!
    Why are automakers still building either 8 ton suv’s, w/12mpg, or, these toys very few people want?
    Is it the automakers want something in their lineups, to sell to a few, so their CAFE numbers go sky high?( If the Yairs hit 40MPG, this should be what, 45? And those small GM things… if they build one, they said Over 40 MPG…that would offest any lower, overall, MPG ratings, wouldn’t it, or at least “help” them).
    What has happened to automakers building cars between 14-16 feet in length( 168 inches to 192 inches in total length?).
    Lancer came out, and although I detest CVT’s, it is selling,, it appears, and it is placed in the 14-16 feet/compact-top- midsized+ vehicle range.

    I don’t drive vehicles that get under 30MPG, if I can help it, and I do not drive something so small , that if it were hit by a Kia Rio sedan, you could possibly die!


  8. Anonymous said…
    Might make a nice addition to the Scion line. I like the design. What is with the side view mirrors?

    those are probably camera-based, but given the target price it would seem to be a mucho moola option

  9. I was wondering if other companies would jump on the SMART bandwagon. It’s great Toyota will be a player, maybe Hyundai will be next. It’s about time we had some cars like these that got back to what economical personal transportation is all about. Makes sense when gas is poised to approach $4.00 a gallon this summer of 2007.

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