Volvo C30 US pricing

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And it seems pretty good, starting at $22,700.
That’s for a Turbo model too. The only engine offered in the US.

But… That does not include $695 for destination. Or $475 for metallic paint.
And almost all color choices are of course, metallic.

There are plenty of options to move the price up quickly.
But they also pretty much turn the small Volvo into a luxury car.
Like leather, navigation, blind spot info system, bi-xenon headlights etc…

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  1. The blue cloth in the DC car show model was fabulous. bare bones car ok by me. where did you get the Volvo prices?

  2. There’s an odd television ad airing for the C30 in Toronto now:

    LOVE IT?

    HATE IT?

    I’m not sure i feel strongly either way.

    Oh and here freight is never bundled into the MSRP, it’s always extra. And often padded to maximize profit from non-negotiable fees.

  3. 10:02 AM:

    Oh and here freight is never bundled into the MSRP, it’s always extra. And often padded to maximize profit from non-negotiable fees.

    Not always, in Canada, Honda and Acura’s MSRPs are always bundled with freight into the MSRP. That’s why the prices can appear shocking at first glance but once you look at the legal print, it’s a sigh of relief.

  4. You don’t get a lot for that $22.7K though.

    I mean even my $17K Scion tC has cruise control and a moonroof, on the Volvo they’re $185 and $1,200 repspectively. $185 for a couple buttons and enabling a feature that’s already built into the computer of every car?

    The worst thing though has got to be the colored trim. That black plastic trim is super cheapo and ugly looking, so you’ve got to have the body color trim, but it’s $3,000! That’s ridiculous.

    I really wanted to get one of these, but by the time I got done configuring one that was merely equal to my Scion tC in terms of amenities it came out to over $28,000. I just don’t see the car being anywhere near worth that much.

    No thanks, I’ll pass. If this was Volvo’s attempts at capturing a younger market, they failed.

  5. Love it. Totally different than anything else on the road. This is on my short list for my new car.

  6. The C70 is very similar to this.
    It even has the same engine and the same interior.
    And that starts at $40 000!

  7. I love this car, it’s what todays toyota tercel should have evolved into. If you look back to original tercel hatchback, you will see simiularities. If toyota didn’t keep changing the name from tercel to echo to yars for quality reasons….. why else would you drop names….they stil use the corolla name

  8. No Volvo dealer I know will stock a base car. Around here, they’re notorious for ordering every option, and no manual tranny. I looked a while ago for an S40 from the three dealerships near me, and not one manual, and not one under $33,000!

    I love the C30, but I’ll spend a few grand fixing up my 780, and be just as happy.

  9. I think the intent of this vehicle was to build it custom, that is why the color combos and all the extras. Also when you go on the Volvo site and build one, it ask you how long is reasonable to wait for it to be delivered.

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