VW Passat test drive coming up…

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I am driving a Passat 2.0 for the next few days and will post my review soon.
But I thought I would post this in case some of you have any questions about the car, while I still have it.

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  1. I think the new Passat looks great! Nice design. What’s holding me back from getting one is:

    -Requires premium gas (costly).
    -Volkswagen cars have always had quality issues.

    Looking forward to reading your reviews…

  2. I think that the styling of the Passat took a small step backwards with this generation. It looks more substantial, but maybe a bit too heavy-handed. Especially the front (Holy overhang, Batman!). I’ve heard that the car rides a bit stiffly as well. I’d love to hear your impressions about the styling and ride quality in your review, Vince.


  3. Vince, Please tell us your detailed opinions on this car. How does it drive? Is the turbo 4 powerful enough and smooth and quiet enough for someone who might also be considering a Japanese V6 for the same price? How is the road noise on this car? Thanks.

  4. Most of you know, I really don’t like the Jetta.

    But so far about the Passat:

    -No turbo lag whatsoever. I could never tell there is a turbo.
    -Quiet and smooth
    -Very nice interior
    -Very smooth ride
    -Very low road noise
    -Very nice an interesting interior

    I will say mine is a base version with the ugly and cheap looking plastic wheels covers.

    So far I really like it.
    I will post a detailed review and pictures later.

  5. – Audi is an expensive VW
    – VW is a cheap Audi

    i can never get it right… which one is it?

    VW is never famous for reliability, but at least their cars don’t go up in flame like they used to 10-20yrs ago

  6. The 1st year Passat reliability has been rated “average” by Consumer Report.
    That’s for the 2.0 Liter. The V6, for some reason, got a “less than average” rating.
    “Average” is actually pretty good.

    I will drive the car more before I report on it.
    The engine has plenty of power, but it might not be as smooth as the ones from Toyota/Honda.
    And is in no way a match fo a Japanese V6.

    More later…

  7. The new Passat is just not as luxurious or substantial as the previous generation was. There is something missing in this new rendition that no longer sets it apart from the rest of the crowd! Volkswagon missed the mark Big Time when they cheapened up this platform!

  8. I had a 2.0T Passat for a year now, and here are my observations, it will be interesting if Vince will have same view.

    As Vince already mentioned, 2.0T engine is great, has a good mpg, it is interesting that Automobile mag just stated in their long term review that they did not get good milleage? I get 20-22mpg city and 30-32 highway, and that is with “spirited” driving.

    Pricing: VW requires premium over Accord and Camry, I think they should charge more a $1000, not more than that, V6 is almost $4000 more then comparable Camry or Accord, and that is not right. Good thing you can get Passat 2-4K off the MRSP.You do get 4 year bumber to bumper warranty.

    There is much more back seat space then in the old Passat, which is good, but the ride on this one is definelty tuned softer,old one had a better setup,imo.

    Interior is using cheaper materials then the old one, but it is still very good, and design is ok. Dynaudio system(optional)i sone of the best ones offered, and the trunk is huge. One other thing that is offered with Passat is AWD(4Motion), and station wagon version, which is a very good.Cooled glove box and mid-console are also usefull in summer, key fob is blah, and umbrella gimmick is one I use maybe once or twice a year.

    First year of ownership, I did not have to take Passat to dealership for any issues, other then scheduled oil changes.

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