2008 Mazda Tribute

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I am not sure what the point of this one is anymore.
It doesn’t fit at all in the rest of the Mazda line up.

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  1. Good point, especially since now even the interior is virtually Ford identical, but still a nice crossover.

    Sort of old news, though, as these ’08 Mazdas have been selling and out on the street for a while now–not, of course, to the level of the new Escape or Mariner which I’m already seeing everywhere.

  2. Except for the Miata and perhaps the Mazda 3, Mazda is just a Ford variant these days. Too bad–that’s a deal-killer for me.

  3. The only reason there keeping this around is so that Mazda can offer a hybrid. IMHO ud b a fool to buy this over a Cx7…

  4. There use to be more difference in the looks between the two. This is too similar to escape. That dash is also way too busy.

  5. I have seen only one “new” Escape on the roads in the past two months. Zero Mariners and zero Tributes.

    Still, the Tribute is not bad looking, and I like the improved interior, too. Wouldn’t buy one, but I’m trying to be nice.

  6. From a previous Mazda post… its not all ford for Mazda. Much of it is modified Mazda6 platforms for the Mazda/Ford Line up.

    It’s the same idea Vince… CX-7 is based of a Mazda6 platform and not the mazda3. they can use the 2.3 turbo just as they did with the mazdaspeed6!

    And you’ve finally agreed, MPV will not make a comeback after the 2006, it will be replaced with CX-9 which is expected to make its debut in Fall 2006 while the CX-7 will make its debut Spring 2006. Although it will be in Detroit in January!

  7. The question is why does this platform exist in the first place. Ford has the Freest… I mean Taurus X and Edge. Is the only reason why this platform not retired is so that Mercury can have a CUV? If that’s the case than thats a lousy reason becuase Mercyry should be all of Fords Euro/Australian offerings.

  8. The Mazda Tribute has always remained in the shadow of its better-known Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner cousins. That position likely won’t change much, but with improved style and purpose, this compact sport car can hold its head up high and proudly display some of its features such as the exterior design like Mazda tailgate handle, head lamp, grille, and some of its comfortable interior like the 4 seats, etc…

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