2008 Mazda6

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  • HERE
  • is where you can find the latest pictures of the next Mazda6. From Auto Express
    It is still early to say how good it is going to look. The car is so covered up.

    But it should be amazing competition to the super conservative 2008 Accord.

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    1. Vince:
      I heard that this will have the Mondeo platform?
      Any clues?
      If it did… could prove very interesting!
      If so… a 5 door version would be nice!

    2. Vince:
      I should have looked @ the link you provided for more photos before asking if it is a Mondeo platform(which it is).
      So, USA getting some of these versions, also? and 16,000 Pounds?
      That is pricey, ain’t it?
      (unless that includes some of those taxes, forgot what they called ’em, they put on cars, and that 20% or so taxes are tacked onto msrp already!?No? Yes?).
      How can they sell ’em at a nearly 2 dollars= 1 pound?
      Build ’em in Mexico, for USA, or what?

    3. I can’t wait for this car to come out. I figure I’ll be in the market for a new car in about 2 years and I’m seriously considering this Mazda 6 hatch or a Mercury Milan, both all wheel drive.

    4. Wow. This car looks likt it’s going to be a winner.

      Also, saw the pic’s of the 4 door accord. yikes. After seeing the 2 door – I was expecting SO much more!

    5. BLACKLASER Padwin. accord needs to go back to the formula. it looks like the early days of hyundai designs. I like 1000 better the new mazda 6 even if it looks like the old ford taurus mixed with the new nissan altima.

    6. The Honda bashers are out in force again I see. I’ve been visiting these types of forums for years, every Honda spy picture brings out the naysayers, then the vehicle goes on to be a sales success. Current CR-V is prime example, #1 selling SUV in America this year so far. You guys were predicting its demise when we saw first photos this time last year.

      Having owned both Hondas and Mazdas, I will never go back to the Mazda. Mazda makes great claims to best the Accord or Civic or CR-V or whatever, always comes up short. Sometimes I think they look better than the Honda product, but fit and finish and reliability as well as resell, it is now a no brainer for me.

      Methinks Mazda has too much Ford in its bloodline to ever seriously challenge the big 3 from Japan.

      Vince, why don’t you have the new Accord spy picture here? Seems to be all over the web now.

    7. I don’t have the Accord pictures because B. Priddy and her goons would try to shut my site down if I did. (again)
      I have seen them, and I did post an illustration of it months ago, before any of these pictures were out.
      You are right. No matter how boring they get, the quality and reputation is what sells them, so the design doesn’t really matter.
      And I always liked the new CRV.
      I think it is way ahead of the RAV4. And I am glad it is a big hit for Honda.

    8. Honda bashing, its the darling of most car magazines. They are reliable appliances and the company is rewarded for that fact. Are they exciting, no. Interesting , no. Goodlooking, no. Who cares. They get you from point A to point B, thats all that matters.

    9. BLACKLASER…Vince, you said the design doesn’t really matter? you talk som times about bad designs in some car wth good quality. if I don’t like the design I can’t buy it just for a bit of better quality. japanese cars don’t have a big difference in quality even cars from honda have some trouble. if you dont believe me just go to the honda dealer. not every car from honda go to the dealer to change oil and filter.
      I can sacrifice a bit of quality for better design. and you now always quality is more expensive. and remmber I don’t have nothing against honda (I love the civic to the last,and it is a perfect 10),and you. I just don’t love the next accord generation. is just m Padwin Velez.

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