2008 Saab 9.3

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It does look pretty real.
From saabscene.com
The front end does look pretty nice. I am not sure how it blends with the rest of the car.
It’ll last for a couple of years, until an all new 9.3 comes out.

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  1. This is alot more than just a freshening. I think it looks great, very mean. It will also offer an AWD system that will make it even more appealing. I can’t wait to buy one!

  2. I’ve never known someone who actually owns and drives one.

    How does it handle? is it reliable?
    Are there any quality issues?

  3. If you live in New England like I do, you either own a Saab, your neighbor owns a Saab or you know someone who owns a Saab. I’ve had three. I love them. Sure they’re quirky, but I’m a devoted enthusiast for Saab handling, performance and styling.

  4. I am pleased with the refresh; the grill is basically larger. I like the longer looking hood, I don’t know if it is longer than most cars in it’s class, but it looks different than most.

  5. it’s light years better than that shitty freshening they gave to the 9-5! now if they could fix the overly complicated and not-that-functional cupholder…

  6. The only 2 people I know who owned Saabs both had horrible problems with them.
    But there were previous generation models.
    I hear the new ones are better.

    The Convertible is actually built in its own factory and has been rated the highest quality European car sold in the US.
    Whatever that really means…

  7. No, there is no relationship anymore between GM and Subaru ever since the General divested itself from Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries. The 9-3 is based on GM’s epsilon platform, I think.

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