2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

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The big one is back.
As you can see, it still shares almost everything with the Lexus version.
The Lexus being more expensive, they introduced it first. Hoping people might think of the Toyota as a “cheaper Lexus”.

I guess the engine will mostly be similar too.
Again, a big truck SUV with a big V8. And the whole thing looks like it was designed in 1983.

Not my thing….

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  1. that thing must drink gas like mad and also im hopping that a hybrid version would be available well its better than those navs and caddilac escaldes i guess

  2. Ironic. Toyota pioneered hybrid cars with the Prius…now, when gas approaches $4 a gallon, they decide to release a giant, gas-guzzler SUV.

    I think toyota is starting to slip up.

  3. this is ridiculous.

    how can anyone take Lexus as serious as MB or BMW when they still have 1 model indistinguishable from a Toyota? At least the ES350 doesnt look like a Camry, but the LandCruiser/LX are the same barr the grill/headlights

  4. no these big “toyotas” dont get any better gas mileage the escalade, they all get the same sorry 13 17, just because its a toyota doesnt mean it magically gets better gas mileage, the old one had horrible gas mileage and so will this one


    kind of like a food company making junk food and yet making health conscience organic foods as well, right? OOh the car industry can’t cater to everyone right? (beep) wrong, its capitalism buddy, its being smart and adaptive, something for everyone, survival of the fittest, eeeh, at least it looks better than the last gen. version.

  6. “…at least it looks better than the last gen. version”

    Did Toyota exert any effort in designing the new Crudeuser? It looks the same as the curent one. Or at least as uninspired. It’s as if Toyota doesn’t care anymore. Just crank something out, slap on a Toyota or Lexus badge and sell it.

  7. Boring! I can’t tell much difference between this & the current one. I would have rather seen a version of the FJ Cruiser with 4 full size doors with a V8 for Toyota & let Lexus have this.

  8. This thing is so boring I had no idea that this truck existed… Oh yea, I’ve heard if “Land Cruisers” but I equate the title to my mother’s 68 Cadillac…. yet another gas guzzler from another time. Why did they not introduce this back then? It would have been revolutionary for a year or two and the styling would fit in. By the way, the Prius was late in the hybrid department. Honda was the first to put a hybrid in the showroom.

  9. diesel- hybrids are the answers to the worlds problems until the oil company find away to control hydrogen and electric vechiles.

  10. So I gather from this discussion that the US market is not getting the twin turbo 350HP V8 Diesel with the economy of a camry that Australia is getting in October 2007. As for the styling Landcruiser has never been bold and outrageous but its build quality is uncomparable even to MB and BMW. I can confidently state this as I have owned 4 various model Landcruisers and have always used them offroad and they just dont fall apart, my last being a 100series V8 petrol (fuel consuption fantasic for the weight of the car) which I put 300000 Kilometers (186000 Miles) on it before I sunk it on a beach in Queensland (my stuff up not the car)and the car never missed a beat even with the abuse that I gave it on a regular basis, so I will definitely be getting another one as soon as they are released

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