2008 Tribeca video

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Even blander than in pictures.

I miss the 2007…

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  1. It looks ‘normal’ now, nice and neutral, the way I would expect a practical and sensible Subaru to look.

  2. don’t be surprised to see subarus looking plain, they are now owned by toyota. it will backfire, just give it time. Toyotas poor recall record, being scolded by the japanese govn’t for poor recall practices, their president bowing deeply in apology for bad cars, the ship WILL sink. This is a dirty company, and soon the world will start to see it. Subaru just makes the anchor heavier. Subaru with a Chrysler van front end, forget it! Toyota green! I think not, they pollute more of this planet than anyone else, by far!

  3. Toyota owns 8.7%… nowhere near a majority stake. GM at one point owned 20%. Nissan owned a stake at one point as well. I doubt we’ll see anything change.

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