2009 Chevrolet Traverse

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Chevrolet is rumored to get their own version of the Saturn Outlook (pictured here) as early as next year.
The Saturn version doesn’t look that much different from the GMC one, so the Chevy won’t be “all new”.
But you can expect a redesigned interior and a new front end that would match the 2008 Malibu.

I have not read a bat review about these cars yet. And they have all been selling very well for GM. (Even the Buick Enclave)

A good move…

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  1. I’ve driven (well, ridden in) the GMC version of this. I have to say that these vehicles are class leaders right now. As long as the different versions are distinctive enough and given significant upgrades to remain relevant, I think these will continue to sell like crazy. Based on what I’ve seen with the new Chevys, Saturns Cadillacs,Pontiacs and (Chinese) Buicks, it appears that GM finally is a real world player again. After a quarter century of providing mostly crap, it’s about freakin time.

  2. expect a much more substantial exterior and interior redo for the Chevy than you think.

    along with some extra cool features!

  3. That’s even better news.
    With this, the new Malibu and Camaro in the showrooms, Chevy should be on a good path by 2009.

  4. Finally GM got the bums the hell out of the way. These Lambdas are shockingly competitive…Now if they prove reliable…….

  5. I think GM is getting its MOJO back. I just hope they don’t badge-engineer the Oulook, et al, too much.

    How many versions of one SUV do they need without overdoing it?

  6. Agree with iQuack, don’t overdo, at some point GM might have to come to the conclusion they have too many brands.

  7. While prone to mispronunciation, it’s a good name, and a good idea to keep “Nomad” available for a more sporting vehicle down the road. Chevy should have gotten the Lambda before – or instead of – GMC.

    I really have no idea why they’d sell it as a GMC first…now people might see it as a GMC clone instead of a genuine Chevrolet pickup tail light lens. GMC used to be called “GMC Trucks” for a good reason, that’s all they sell.

    DCX didn’t start selling the Pacifica as a Freightliner.

  8. not back looking, you are right Vince these products should turn their luck. I have also heard rumors about the next Impala being badass much like the upcoming G8.
    I am confused as to the new names though. The old names were fine and they help establish continuity as well as improve the old bodies’ performance in the used car realm. I am not saying the old Trailblazer and Envoy were great products, but changing the name only hurts those vehicles; it’s like admitting you dog is retarding and you don’t love it anymore. When Mercedes screwed up with the first ML 320, they didn’t scrap the name etc. Same with the Explorer. Instead these companies fixed the mistakes and called it good.

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