Altima coupe production

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Here it is. As told from the people who are actually building them.

There are also new rumors about an upcoming convertible version.
That would be great….

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  1. I saw an Altima coupe at my local Nissan dealer last night. A loaded v6 model with leather & the $3200 option package. the window ticker was almost 31,000.00. For that amount of $ I can think of several other cars I would rather have at that price point.

  2. Wow, Nissan’s coming out with a 4-seat convertible. I guess Nissan is also late to the party…

  3. Here’s the article about the Altima convertible…

    Seems promising. I had a ’00 Altima and drive a ’02 Solara convertible right now and love it, but I’ve been worried that when the time comes to get a new car, there wouldn’t be any more 4-seater convertibles by the big 3 Japanese manufacturers since Toyota said they were going to stop production of the Solara.

    Here’s hoping they make a hardtop convertible, that would be SO sweet. It definitely would compete directly with the Pontiac G6 and have an edge over the Chrysler Sebring. Go Nissan! Don’t disappoint me!

  4. Have any of the reviews for this car been positive? While none have been overtly negative, it’s clear that the autorags are struggling to find good things to say about it. This car is taking over where the 90s Celica left off as a just a bland secretary’s car.

    I give the Altima coupe a C-

  5. A 90’s Celica didn’t have a 250+ hp VQ engine in it either. The car has potential but like an earlier post mentioned, the price-point has to be perfect. Otherwise, why would one compromise with a FWD when one could get a sexier and more powerful G37. The only way I’d buy one is if the performance numbers were above that of competitors and priced in the mid-low 20k’s.

  6. Very very bland. And 250hp to the front wheels of a sports coupe seems like a bad combination. It’s just wrong I tell ya. Wrong! I don’t see anything appealing about this car for all the hubbub it’s creating.

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