Altima test drive coming up

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I am driving a Nissan Altima for a few days.
Just thought I’d let you know, if anyone has any questions.
2.5 Liter CVT.

I will post a full review later.

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  1. That’s awesome Vince, I just bought one. It has so much flair and Panache. I test drove all the major competitors, camry, accord, mazda 6, sonata. They all seemed like just cars in comparison. We found the Altima to be so much more, in every way. It looks and feels like an infiniti, which i know because my brother in law has a G. Have fun and enjoy quite possibly the best performing front wheel drive car in the world, for the money!!!!!

  2. Interested in your impressions of the center stack. I’ve read that the controls can be confusing/not ergonomic.

  3. I had a 2.5 S rented over the weekend. I must say that the quality has greatly improved over the previous generation. However, the interior still has some cheap feeling plastics throughout the cabin. Also, though the car is pretty peppy and reasonable on gas, the CVT is ANNOYING when the car is being pressured! It sounds like a slipped clutch causing the engine to over-rev. Overall, I am happy with the package expecially the intelli-key which is WAY more versatile than the one found in the BMW 3series which commands the driver to place the key in the “ignition.” I am tempted to drive the 3.5 or better yet the Maxima. Hope you enjoy the testing, Vince.

  4. So far, I agree with most comments. But I am not bothered by the CVT. Maybe it’s because I was driving the lousy one from Audi just a few days ago…

  5. Vince,

    Hey that’s great. This is a car I am definitely thinking about purchasing in the future. I don’t know how indepth you get with these test drives but I sure am curious about your actual gas mileage and what you get for a zero to 60 mph. Have fun on the drive.


  6. The Nissan Altima is a very good car. Very solid, but the steering is a bit “light”. All the 4 wheels stick firmly to the tarmac — good suspension, it isn’t as sporty as the mazda 6 which begs to be revved up. The CVT is reasonably good. On slopes, it does feel a tad heavy.

  7. Hi Vince, I enjoy reading your thoughts and exciting facts on your website. So I have to say, thanks you for sharing your experiences in these popular cars. I would like to know what is top speed in the Altima 2.5S. I have read somewhere in between 110 and 115 mph. I’m not a speed freak but this test proves to me in some way a car can have a better opportunity to pull away from other cars at high speeds. Oh BTW if you do attempt such a daring feat please do it safely. Take Care.

  8. Hello Vince,

    I am looking at purchasing one of these cars, but I want real life fuel economy. Can you get those number and tell me about your driving style.

    Thanks. VP

  9. I’m very interested in how it compares to the Accord, Camry, Fusion, & Sonata in terms of handling. Whats your take? Also can you provide a ranking after you are done testing?


  10. Hey Vince, if you get a chance turn the steering wheel all the way to lock and take a look at the supension links; glorious aluminum
    pieces for strenth and light weight. BTW the steering is calibrated 2 b light a low speed manuevers and heavier at higher speeds. Also all Nissans have timing chains instead of belts and dual platinum plugs for 105k.You can get up2 30 mpg city 40hwy(2.5). Jess

  11. I have done about 80% city driving. Without really thinking about saving gas. And I am getting 23.9MPG so far.
    Which I think is excellent for a roomy fast car.

    But claiming you can get 30mpg in the city is almost stupid…

  12. This car gets great fuel economy, the cvt is a jewel and the fit and finish of everything is infiniti grade…get one today. Nissan is the new toyota!

  13. you talk Vince, about a roomy, FAST car, maybe if you drove it regularly, you might get 30 MPG, Cheers!

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