AWD V6 Corolla coupe coming???

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Why not.
Toyota is planning a 3.5 Liter V6 version of the Auris. (Blade)
And a coupe might not be far behind. It could very well end up over here as the Corolla coupe.

Toyota has already stated their 3.5 Liter V6 is costing them $1000 less per unit to produce than the previous 3.3 Liter version.
So it might make sense to squeeze it into a smaller car and get a few steps ahead of the competition.

We’ll see…

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  1. sounds nice, but if MPG is low, yeah, there’ll be buyers…but not as many as if they would bring out a normal car, seeing as gas is 3.49+ per gallon.
    Didn’t Toyota have a 170HP engine, sporty version of current corolla, from 05-06?
    Why not have that in there, and still get around 30MPG, low 30’s?
    It’d be high HP engine than the lancer,G6, upcoming Astra 3 door sporty car, more than upcoming “sporty” fwd only SX4 sedan(143HP)…
    and on and on….
    If they did a CVT as well as Nissan’s cars…. they could get low 30’s, at least, 0-60 in what, 8-8.5 seconds?
    Then have add-ons, or bring a turbo out, too.
    I could live with say a tC sized 170HP 3 door Corolla, sporty version.

  2. Because by the time of 2007, all high rev 1.8 were outlawed by emission. V6 is not a bad idea, especially when Toyota managed to keep RAV4 under 3700lb, meaning a Corolla V6 AWD can actually comes under 3400 lb, which is significantly lower than R32. However, i can see why someone spend 30k to spec up their GTI or Type-R, but a Corolla? Stock from Toyota? Dream on guys.

  3. Blacklaser…perhaps I cry like Homer Simpson, when it arrive to the market, and leave obsolete my corolla xrs 2005. it could be my next car.

  4. Not in the U.S. That would eat into tC sales, and Toyota is MUCH smarter than to destroy their kid brand’s coupe de force.

    There’s going to be a V6 Corolla, but it’ll be a 4 door, and it should be debuting this year with the new body style.

  5. tC a kiddie car? What R you smokin?
    Big 3 stuff?
    0-60 in 7.4 seconds is kiddie car? This is w/o the turbo boost to 200HP….
    with it, 6’s.
    RWD is pretty much dead in my area, unless it’s a truck… and the rednecks drive cars to work these days,or in snow or heavy torrential rains these days, FWD…lol.

    As for this? Rumors…. heard this is an idea for the Celica(or whatever they’ll call it) in 2-3 years… not the Corolla.
    Just did a net search…. and Corolla is AWD elsewhere..and might be V6.. but in USA?

    Who are they kidding?
    25-30K corolla?
    LOL… next, chevy will sell a 240HP Cobalt for 30K( the UAW’ers with their 5-10 K discounts could buy em, or would..),.

  6. BLACKLASER… it could be the next tc here in u.s. to compete with the next tiburon v8. maybe in japan they call it the next corolla,blade,auris or altis. I love the name altis. I think they call altis the japanese corolla.

  7. BBLACKLASER… If toyota kill the solara, maybe they have room for the corolla v6, not too much difference in price. if it carry a v6. THINK MC FLYYYY THINK.

  8. BBLACKLASER… If toyota kill the solara, maybe they have room for the corolla v6,not too much difference in price. if it carry a v6.

  9. The tC is nice for what it is, but it’s not really that sporty. It’s a little too heavy and high centered for it’s power. I currently own one, and while it’s nice from time to time, it doesn’t match the old Celica GT which was both lighter and more powerful. If the tC could shed about 300 pounds, lose a 2 inches in overall height and get the old GTs 180HP motor it’d be great. As is, it’s the least sporty of the cheap sport coupes (Civic Si, Eclipse, Tiburon, etc) and leaves me a bit wanting.

    A true sports car from Toyota would be nice, but this doesn’t seem to be it. It can’t be that sporty if they’re selling it under the Corolla name.

    I really wish they’d bring back the MR2.

  10. It’s possible, it’d sell very well!

    Let see, Toyota end-of-life-ed Celica, Solara, MR2.
    Scion added tC.

    So it makes sense to have another coupe w/ Toyota branding.

  11. BLACKLASER……This is about the scion tc. I read before the tc means t for toyota c for celica. the scion tc is an indirect remplacement for the celica.they have the basic, and the supercharger(optional eq.), the celica have the regular and the vvtl-i 2zz-ge in the gt-s, with yamaha technology. maybe the sport corolla is a remplacement for the solara and the same time the celica or scion tc. so I want to see the regular corolla and the super sport edition. v6. you now what??? I want one of those hot bullet in the road..BRING THEM ALL.

  12. BLACKLASER…The Corolla name,
    Corolla is derived from a Latin word (corolla) which translates as ‘crown of flowers’…

  13. Could this be the unnamed small, sporty Toyota which Subaru engineers have been working on? Interesting.

  14. Corolla Name: some clarification.

    To the person who posted about the “Corolla” name…..

    Corolla is the overall structure of the petals of a flower taken as a group within the calyx. Normally the corolla is the most conspicuous part of a flower and of a bright color other than green. The concept of corolla description is widely used in botany as a primary determinant of vascular plant identification. Alternatively the corolla may be considered as the inner whorl of the perianth structure. (from Wikipedia)

    The Spanish word you may wanted to refer is “Corona”, which when translated into English means “Crown”, that happens to be another Toyota car, if I am not wrong, still sold in Japan and some other markets.

  15. This seems like the step Honda should have taken with the Acura Integra before the otherwise uninteresting RSX debuted (a failed). I’m still in mourning, But its a whole new world for Toyota now – no real competition in this segment allows it to open up their models to new concepts.

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