“Byd” in Europe

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Chinese car maker Byd will try its luck in Europe as son as late next year with this all new sub compact.

It is obviously inspired by various European designs. And even small Toyotas.
But if it is cheap enough, I am sure they’ll find enough people to make some money.
Then they will try a mid sized sedan. Then SUVs. Then luxury cars…
Then.. The world!!!

Wait.. That’s Hyundai.

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  1. It is very similar with Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroën C1
    At first glance I would say that is a face-lifted Aygo. Even the rims seemed the ones of the Aygo

  2. BLACKLASER PVL.. Vince? I love your commentaries because you have my style of good humor.. and pssst. byd means egg in another language? because this car looks like egg.

  3. BLACKLASER PVL.. Maybe the language from timbucktoo. far far away. this is why we will never see one of those half car, half egg, hybrid??? in other way,here.

  4. This is the facelifted Aygo or the guys over at BYD are nuts. This is not Hyundai as they already have a subcompact car in the pipeline and mules have been spotted and it’ll look like the i30, in a kei-car form.

  5. nice post, vince! if you rip off the plastic film from this it will look exactly like the famous triplet: citroen c1, peugeot 107 and toyota aygo. honestly, i can´t spot any differences besides the proportions. to me, this looks like a case for the copyright-lawyers from toyota and psa.

    i was hoping for something more insiring from china, like brilliancefor example. by the way: i´m living in a part of germany where brilliance just started its european launch, but i haven´t seen any bs6 or bs4 on the road yet.

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