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Be warned. It is pretty tacky.
And better viewed with the sound turned off…

About their pretty good looking M14 concept designed by Pininfarina.
We”ll have to wait and see if this will ever make it to production….

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  1. Derivative style–copied from Mitsubishi, Toyota/Lexus and perhaps others.

    Maybe Chery–the name is copied from “Chevy” with “R” instead of “V”–will make it to the U.S., but it’ll succeed only if cheap.

    Would you buy one of these things until a track record for reliability were established? I would not.

    Still, don’t underestimate the Chinese–they are VERY industrious and smart. Visit China (I did in 2004) and you’ll be impressed.

  2. yeah, agreed, its acombo of current, solara, current eclipse, and also, a dash of 1st Gen SLK, ok, but, come on, isn’t this from the same guys that design ferrari? sheesh

  3. Hey, why do I have to sign in to see the video? it says the video was flagged by youtube as having inappropriate content??

    So was it that bad???

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