Chinese Geely going after Lexus

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Check out these upcoming models from Geely.

Again, I don’t know what to say….

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  1. those are fakes.

    you can totally see that those are photoshpped pictures of the LExus IS.

    in fact, I think those were the first “official” photos of the IS when it was first released a couple of years ago.

    still, the photos are clearly those offical lexus photos, and not geelys.

  2. BLACKLASER PVL…. It looks like the future of the lexus IS. maybe 2009??? jaaaa. it looks creepy..

  3. Shameful shameful. And I can’t believe Geely wants to enter the North American market. They had a booth at the past Detroit Auto Show…they can’t be serious. How pathetic of a car company. At least Roewe, MG, Chery, and a few others here and there try to come up with original designs. Hopefully those brands come stateside, not blatant copycats like Geely.

  4. They are doing what the japanese and korean did. Making their products look like what others are doing, but, doing cheaper. It will work if history is a judge. The interesting thing china is doing, is allowing other auto manufacturers much more access to their home market than the korean or japanese ever did.

  5. Sad, very sad… They have managed to take my favorite Lexus model and completely ruin it. Hopefully this thing won’t be sold outside of China.

  6. Chinese car companies domonstate the following>>>>>>> Zero 0 Pride, Zero 0 Shame, and 100% Disrespect!

  7. This is all wrong. Compare what you can see of the taillight on the first picture to the taillights on the second picture… same body shape, but the first taillight has the IS design. Whatever.

  8. Copying designs is shameful, but, nothing new. However, Lexus will have a problem if the Chinese built it cheaper, but, with same quality, long term reliability, and driving dynamics. Hyundai is the classic example of catching up with the Japanese very very fast…..

  9. comeon those are clearly photo shopped pics of the lexus is, that has to be the stupid spy photos ever posted on here. and geely from what i seen has made some original cars maybe not nice looking but original. but that was the same pic lexus used in the intro of the is, you would have to be crazy to think those are the same car

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