Citroen C- Crosser pricing.

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The Mitsubishi Outlander clone will start at 34.250 Euros.
Yes, that is over $38 000!
But it does compare with the Mitsubishi version that actually sells in Europe for 29 000 Euros. ( I know…)

So Citroen is charging over 4000 Euros for their front end. And a slightly more powerful diesel engine (160 hp VS 140hp).

As a reminder, the V6 model in the US starts at about $21 000 plus tax and license. (about 10% total)
I think this is another case of our European friends getting screwed….

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  1. Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys has stated, ” is stupid really stupid or a different kind of smart”?
    Who is Citroen really fooling or are they crafty enough not to fool you?

    * Take from the song “I’m with Stupid”
    from their Fundamental album.

  2. Vince I thought you of all people would be the last to do the US Euro comparrison, you just can’t do it! Different wages, taxes , tarriffs and inflation all contribute to completely different pricing. And I bet there will some comment from one of the american’s expclaiming “30 grand I can get a mustang, blah blah blah”

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