Dodge Caliber R/T in the wild.Or SRT4, SS, XRX8 whatever….

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I saw this today.
Don’t have much to say about it.

I guess it’ll be fast, with a cheap interior.

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  1. Quick and classless with more hard plastic–this time on the outside as well as the inside.

    Mercedes has failed to make a success of Chrysler. When the company is in the hands of a new owner perhaps Chrysler cars will be more competitive.

    Shameful how weak Mercedes has been as a parent.

  2. You should have taken the time to actually look inside of this car. Perception is everything in this country, and I know it takes a long time to change that. I think if you had actually investigated the interior, you’d find it would greatly exceed your expectations. And yes, it will be fast…. Classless is a value judgement. Myself, I would at least go and drive it. As for Mercedes, they’ve bled the best out of Chrysler and now they are ready to move on. Remember, they removed ChryslerFinancial from the Chrysler books, and sucked out the 8 billion dollar cash reserve they had at the time of the merger. That coupled with their complete lack of understanding of the North American market doomed this so called merger of equals from the start. Good riddance to Daimler Benz. By the way, how many billions has Smart lost? Hopefully Magna can help to bring Chrysler back…

  3. That is really shocking what MB did to Chrysler. 8 billion could have gone a long way toward advancements & development costs for new product.

  4. With FWD and more than 60% over the front wheels, how long the front tires will last during a fast lap?

  5. Who said its going to be FWD? its all the miss information that has created a hype for this car. If the general public only knew whats coming hehehehe…guess you’ll have to wait and see 🙂

  6. Apparently this new one is supposed to be AWD. it’s the only way i’ll be faster than the Mazdaspeed 3. otherwise, benz had an inflence on the 300 and rested after that. chrysler and ford and pretty much doomed. i only see GM comming back into the game.

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