Fat guy in a Mondeo

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Not that much room left in there.
I thought the pic was actually ineresting because it shows a wood color I had not seen yet for that car. Doesn’t seem as shiny.
Maybe it’s the picture… Or something…

By the way, the “fat guy” is one of the designers of the “Hi tech link between the the car and driver”…
Whatever that is….

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  1. Looks like bits of wood left over from the Jaguar X & S-Types. Not very becoming of Ford-branded cars. Besides, like the X-Type, I am sure that the new Mondeo will be a pretty crappy and unreliable car.

  2. I prefer the other interior options over this Avalon-like piss yellow woodgrain. Ebony wood or piano black would be much smarter looking. As for the hi-tech link… it’s probably just a bluetooth-mp3-satellite-idrive type of interface. Honestly, I’d rather have a fat tech geek developing it than a distinguished, yet clueless Chris Bangle.

    Anyway, the Mondeo is a beautiful car inside and out.

  3. Must be the camera angle vince, the edge of the wood looks pretty shiny. BTW the color of wood is aweful. it should either darker wood or silver. too much like infiniti.

  4. The contrast is bad. if this color wood were to be used, the dash should have a dark tan look instead of black or dark blue. the avalon interior looks good with the light wood because of the good contrast.

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