“FAW” Chinese sedan

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Never heard of this brand. So far.

But this new small sedan doesn’t really look worse than anything we get over here, does it?
Like the Hyundai Elantra, or the Corolla.
Of course, nobody knows how it drives. Or how long it lasts…

But if they could sell this for close to $10 000, I bet quite a few people would be interested.

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  1. Well, i have driven the new elantra just last week( 9 days ago), and the Sentra…this has both of them smoked in the looks dept.
    This car is a small car with big car lines( borrowing some from motorweek when they described the 1990 Nissan Sentra, small car, large car body line,s make it look larger, something like that).

    Just looking, I thought it was a midsized sedan, until I saw the interior, and 2 seats in back.

    Anyhow, if they ever decide to sell in USA, they could do an Isuzu(from a few years ago) warranty, 10/120K, and maybe 5/75K bumper to bumper?
    If they could do a decent job, get 34-36 MPG, Loaded like a 19-20K Civic, etc… for 15-16K….
    Some people would check it out, maybe even me!This is nice looking.
    if the rest holds up as nice as it looks….they’ll sell well.

  2. BLACKLASER…This kind of car remember me the Daewoo Leganza. to me quality is not the most important, but cars like that is like a fake rolodex, I dont like to go for crazy glue in walmart, just because my car lose more buttons than my grandmother with its teeth.and this kind of vehicle lacks of soul. what you think Vince?

  3. Bring it, I will buy it, I don’t think anything can be worse than american cars. I will support the chinese at every turn, force to China!

  4. to mr. “They could sell it at the doolar store, with all the other chinese made crap.”

    haha, funny you should say that buddy, go around your house (you probably live in a studio), or check your clothes, and personal belongings (maybe no much), and see how much of your crap was made in CHINA! lol. wierdo. back to cars, eh, at least its mostly original.

  5. the interior looks better put together than the current Corolla, and next-level(upper-midsized sedan) quality.
    Hey, ever see a Focus or Cobalt(USA) with this quality, sophistichapted looks?
    If you have pix, pst links to such a thing! Same for the Elantra, Civic, others.
    This interior owns all others in it’s class. Exterior also, except maybe the grille/lights.
    Wake Up, all others, China will behere in a few years(supposedly)…and if they bring stuff like this… watch out…foreign car invasion 3 is wwill be here and in a major way, not “excel” or 1957 Toyota or 58 Datsun stuff either.Why do you think they make these companys, who wan tto sell in China, are bascially forced to work with a Chinese counterpart….and must share technology with said companies?
    They will leapfrog any poor quality issues faced by the Japanese or Koreans ,when they frist started out…
    some said they may be at 1999 Hyundai reliability when they get here, andd within 5-10 years, be up thisclose to Toyota, or who knows? Caught up?Don’t forget the Indians(India)…other makers, too, 2015-2020….are all coming out,looking for more GM,oyota,etc market share.

  6. “assembled in china” is fine. Any prisoner gook can put stuff together for 12 cents an hour. It is the made and manufactured in china stuff that should be avoid. The stuff all breaks within 2 months.

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