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Just a few more pictures of the new Euro Ford.

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  1. Just been reading the group test in this weeks auto express. It just about beats the Passat, beats the accord and totally trashes the Vectra. They’re not a fan of all the crome though. Also they say the ergonomics are a bit rubbish and think it looks a bit too american for their tastes. But they love the way it handles and pretty much everything else about it.

  2. The interior looks kinda cheap. Why can’t American autos invest in high quality interiors? That’s where the driver spends most of his/her time.

  3. Nice…I wouldn’t mind seeing it in the USA. I think it may be the next Mazda 6. That was brought up before.

  4. Mazda 6, eh? Well, that does nto help us out. Where I live, there may be 1 Mazda dealership within 100 miles(literally), so, no thanks.Ford? Tons of dealerships.
    Chearp interior? You’re joking, right?
    Better looking than the 06 Sonata,and better than current Optima, Malibu, and many others( more interesting that Toyota or Honda). Suzuki? Verona has been off the market(excetp selling leftovers) since end of 06 model, and this is nicer.
    Chrysler? LOL! Please! Gimme a break!
    This would whoop any Chrysler FWD car, in looks, outside, or inside, AND THE HATCH IS ICING ON THE CAKE! A HATCH WILL HOLD MORE THAN A SEDAN TRUNK ANY DAY, AND TIME!

    Who knows with Ford? Way Forward would be bring this here by 08, and call it the Fusion V(for 5)… 5 doors…of course, that means they would have to put that silly “razor-grille” up front, but it would be worth it, to have this here in the USA.
    Maybe charge a little more than for the Fusion sedan,and make it another model version.
    Simple. Pay me Millions, please!( what gives with Mr Mullally? He’s slow as molasses to get the ball rolling, it seems).

  5. Upon a 2nd look, the Grey interior looks bad(the hatch/beige material in back, may be same quality, but looks like it may not be as “bad looking”, due 2 color difference).
    The exterior is fine. The interior? Fusion is better, Optima is better.
    Maybe Black interior for USA, and Beige, and forget this Gray stuff?

    Maybe ship the work to Mexico, to save a few dollars on the msrp(if that is Ford’s fears about this car selling in USA)? Send the platform, etc, over there, add the Fusion’s interior materials, and a few other items, assemble it in Mexico, and maybe save a grand or more on MSRP, when it hits(if it hits) the USA?
    They do this at Ford! Guy who worked at Ford parts plant near Cincy(which is closing in Sept) said they make some parts in USA< ship them for aassembly to Mexico, send it back here and sell it(and supposedly it costs Ford less to do this, and they can sell the vehicles for a few $$$ less, too? Sound right, Vince? ).
    Any idea if Ford is seriously thinking of bringing this here?

  6. In the review I read the interior was one of the cars strongest points. I think you need to see big high resolution pics to appreciate that tho! It’s way better than the Fusions interior from what i can tell.

  7. Nice looking car for a Ford. They should redo the interior so it is not so cheap looking and bring it to the US now as the new Ford Taurus, not in 2-3 years when it will be outdated.

  8. I assume that this is the base interior because the seat fabric looks like mouse fur, which isn’t too sexy. I can’t tell much from these pictures, but you can be certain that there is an assortment of material options. The interior and exterior design look very good and everything I’ve read about the Mondeo interior has indicated that the design and build quality is outstanding. I don’t think much about all the snippy comments about a car that no one here has even experienced… maybe a Camry is more suitable for such dull individuals. This is a smart looking car that would do very well stateside based on what I’ve seen.

  9. hahaha i was able to sit in one of this new mondeo and ive got to say: its great! the quality is much better than the one from the old one , its on the vw passat level. ive no idea how the fusion quality is like , but the one of the mondeo is great. a great improvement…. the only bad thing: the price!!!the one on the pictures is the same which has beaten the vw passat in the autobild test here in germany ( it even has the same number plate^^). its an 2.0 TDCi ,,Trend”. including 17” wheels, the price is 28095Euro!!! even the compared passat is cheaper (2,0 TDI trendline , 27544Euro).
    thats not a good message , cause people here buy fords for their driving quality (sry dont know the matching english word…), but also for their price , which was and is always a bit lower than vw …. its on the opel level , which also never win against vw….

    we”ll see…….

  10. Vince, prices:
    this is from apost earlier
    “price is 28095Euro!!! “
    Did you not say that Europe TAXES CARS TO DEATH VS THE USA?
    I thought you said something like 20-40% taxes( I can’t remember, but it was up there)?!?
    If this is so, the 20 %//// then this price the poster paid would be off for USA by what, 5,000 dollars, if 20% is taxes on the car(msrp)?
    that would be 23K USA? Or am I missing something here?
    If the assembled this in Mexico, it make save a grand or two, also, vs Europe? One of thsoe knockdown kits, assembled elsewhere to save on labor.

  11. Stunning car. Wish it were available in America. Since we’re probably going to be expected to bail them out of the mess they’re in, it sure would be nice to get the good products.

  12. Vince,

    In the UK, there is a 53.27p (over a dollar) tax on every LITRE (that’s 2.114 of ur US pints)of diesel sold, then on top of that you have to pay 17.5% VAT.

    Also lets not forget yearly road tax of around £150 ($300) depending on what u drive.

    The if your car is a company car you have to pay “company car tax” based on Co2 emissions, which for the mondeo 2L TDCI works out as about £1,982 (almost $4000) a year…

    Not to mention Blair is trying to introduce a scheme whereby all cars have a GPS unit and you pay per mile.

    Ever wonder why the Ford Focus is the UKs bestseller followed by the Corsa and Clio??

  13. Looks like the navigation screen is between the speedo and the tach. Good placement for driver use.

    Either that, or there’s some wasted space for a gigantic Ford emblem.

  14. You are judging the quality of the interior based on some of Vince’s pictures — which are usually horrible? Geez people

    For the record, it doesn’t matter if Ford, GM or Dodge makes a quality interior, because the anti-detroit fans will just find excuses to blast it.

  15. Well said Brian and so true, there is no objectivity on this site, and that is OK because this is his site. If you look at the Euro site it has great pics of the interior, and it looks very modern and sporty.

  16. Brian said…

    You are judging the quality of the interior based on some of Vince’s pictures — which are usually horrible? Geez people

    Who are you talking to?

  17. This may shed some light on why this car would cost less in the USA, vs Europe. Some poster said 30% taxes on cars in Spain?Others give other reasons, but they Provide a (hard to read) chart( for used cars?)… and one said 30K+ for overseas price and 18K + for same car in USA market!I am sure this car would not cost nearly 29K in USA.If the chart is for new cars, or used, if the price difference are for real, then this car could be maybe low-20’s MPRP(or less?) here?Vince?

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