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Here is the real thing, alive and moving around. Just like a real car.

Ford did mention earlier this year they were considering selling it in the US (This and the Ford Transit van).
So we might see it here after all.
Who knows……….

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  1. I saw Casino Rolaye (Which I think is great by the way), but the Mondeo is in there for just a few seconds.
    And obvious plug from Ford.
    As a matter of fact, all the cars in that movie are Fords, Aston Martins and Land Rovers…

  2. Nice car. And it could be sold in the U.S. as a Mercury, to give that brand a useful purpose in life. (Yeah, I know Merkur and the Australian Capri failed, but GM’s having some success with the Saturn-ized Opels.)

    Anyway, I wonder if the Mondeo’s appeal is that it’s exotic because we can’t have it here in the U.S.? Is it really all that different from the Mazda 6 (wagon, hatchback and sedan) that we can buy here, and which are not head-turners?

    The point of this rambling is that Ford urgently needs to bring those Transit VANS to the U.S., especially the small ones which are unlike anything for sale here. I’m not in the market for any new vehicle but I might change my mind if there was something small, practical and very different at my local Ford dealer. I’m thinking Transit Connect X-Press!

  3. I wonder if Ford is trying to see how many USA hits on youtube they’ll get with this Mondeo video. Maybe if they get enough hits it’ll tell them that the USA wants it.

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