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I saw it in person, and I think it looks great.
If it really comes out in 2008, watch out Prius!

This will make any other mid sized car on the market look like they came out of the stone age.

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  1. Vince, what is up with your obsession with shapeless bubble cars. You are always so excited about the latest cutting edge designs. I mean, I like futuristic styling also, but these cars have no character at all. This thing looks like an upside down bathtub on wheels.

  2. I like it and hope Honda offers it for sale. Would show that Honda has the guts to create a really different type of car.

    On problem is that humans must fit in and see out of these swoopy cars, and that’s where compromises are made. Boring, angular cars are more hospitable for people than extreme styles.

    But I admire Honda for being an innovator and I know they build great cars (that’s why I own an Accord).

  3. I like it! Have since I first saw it. Problem is, isn’t this the Phill system that was on the net, the fill-at-home deal?
    They sell(rent) you the system, and you MUST have a system to get your fuel from( natural gas, lot of people have it, but some of us have electric power only, so that’s an added cost for the fuel tank, having someone come out to fuel it, then the gas itself, and then the “Phill” system from Honda= more cash).
    What is the MPG conversions?
    How much will the car cost(and the additional items needed for home refueling? I looked it up..this car, and if they stick with fuel cell….it will most likely be more costly, at first, than any Prius).

    I wish they could do both, a hybrid that is on par, or better,than Prius, and then this car, for those who want one, the fuel cell.
    I just wish The Oil Barons would get onboard the trolley,lol, and get this put up(refueling systemns at gas stations) ASAP!
    They could send a man to the moon in what, 8 years, but take 25 for hydrogen refueling/cars? C’Mon!

    As for design: This is 2007….
    not 1970’s( hint: Chrysler with their “70’s… Avenger)

  4. There were rumors of a smaller vehicle, around Prius prices, calleed the new Insight(for 5), but it looked 85% like this design.
    I hope!
    If this comes out,and is successful, maybe it will force other maker’s hands, and get them onboard, Faster, rather than dragging their feet.
    Here’s hoping for the next gen…Insight, 2009, also!

  5. forgot….. they sell the honda civic hybrid, but on edmunds, 0-60 of 12+ seconds,makes the Prius 10.5-11(or so) seconds seem like a sports car.
    I do not see this being 23,000 (Prius-like) dollars.
    The mild hybrid midsized(large?) car, Aura… 35 MPG best, hwy… is not impressive by any measurements.
    They need a midsized car, 23K, 50-60 MPG, hybrid, LOOKS COOL LIKE THIS. How much more does it cost ot add this type of styling to say an Prisu sized vehicle?(Just design,style).

    Maybe by 2015!?
    I did read on interesting note on detnews, car talk forums this week:only lady said she makes 8 per hour. So, who are these cars for, the Prius, Civic, etc, hybrids?
    Even the used ones are pricey as many new, nearly 20K midsized sedans.
    Here’s a solution. Make a 14 foot long car, hybrid like the (maybe be released, finally, next year?)Kia rio(rumored to get 53-54mpg ), hwy, and not cost alot)design thebody like this for it, sell it for 18K, and watch the thing FLY off lots( they can take some money they would normally spend on advertising, if they needed to, and just shift it to other dept to make up for any losses on the hybrid.?).
    That’s how they did it at work. If dept A has extra cash, and dept B needed supplies… we “swapped” the cash over the dept B!

  6. “This will make any other mid sized car on the market look like they came out of the stone age.”

    Gee, can I have some of what you’re smoking?

  7. Keep dreaming. If anyone could build a true midsized car with decent room, good performance and handling, that got 50-60 MPG, and sell it for less than 25,000 it would be on the market. Will it happen? Perhaps, but nobody hold your breath.

  8. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll
    Geo Sprint/Metro…. 50-60 MPG, 3 cylinder, lightweight 5 door, irrc.
    rode in one one early am, dec 26, 1989( our “Chevy” Specrtum broke down,a nd my spouse and I pushed it about 1.5 miles, to a strip mall lot, )we were going to walk the rest of the 3 miles+ home, until a gent in a Sprint rescued us, took us home( we had to plead with the guy, and we offered him 5 dollars… guy refused the cash).

    It was acceptable. maybe 11 -12 to 60, like the Civic Hybrid, except it wasn’t a hybrid, and got same MPG, or better(it was lighter, though. Maybe size of the Accent SE, 161 inches long, or maybe a few inches shorter, but it was enough for 3 people, and room for 1 more).
    The Aveo gets 35 hwy or 37 with manual?
    Ughhh and GM wonders why their sales are tanking?
    The Sprint was a Suzuki, so it was solid, reliable(unlike the Junk from Isuzu Chevy used for a few years).
    Daewoo=Isuzu,to me(Aveo).

    Anyhow, yeah, we won’t see a sports car times on a 550-60 MPG vehicle of any kind.
    Again, why do we really need hybrids?
    That new VW Sportswagen(Jetta) coming outinJan 08, is rumnored to get 40 city, 60 hwy, 50 combined, with msrp’s starting(probably severely decontented) under 20K .
    So, if they cna build a decent sized 5 seater wagon(wagen)….
    that gets Prius-like MPG….
    mayeb a hybrid n that, and we’d see real 85-100 mpg!?
    That’d make Shell mad as ****
    Of course, they’d just adjust the price to 8 per gallon, if the general populace got 60 MPG cars.

    There is rumors Toyota wnats next Prius to get better MPG and 0-60 UNDER10 seconds(closer to a compact, but faster…the Lancer ES with CvT is 10 seconds ot 60, and Elantra is 10 to 60).
    If I could get Edmunds 04 prius 50+ MPG(they got this after 40,000 miles of driving the 04 prius),
    and say 9.5 seconds to 60(not quite sports car like, but faster than most compacts, midsised I-4 sedans).
    They have a new pkg deal…for “sportier” handling, adds about 1,500 dollars( maybe they tweaked the steering and suspension?).
    Honda’s best bet?
    maybe Dump the hybrid Civic, and “replace” it with a smaller version, hybrid, of this car?
    ( just dump this body style on the Civic, and maybe tweak it some to hit 60 in 10 seconds,like the 10.4 for Prius now, even, at least).
    Keep the 22K MSRP.

    Best bet!
    Or better yet, as one
    anonymous said…. make it a hybrid only, not fuel cell….and slel it for Prius prices. Take a hit on making money, but… they make enough as is, to cover any potential losses, I bet.

  9. The FCX looks like a big, flattened Prius. Is this the “official” design language for hybrids? If so, they’re speaking gibberish.

    That being said, the wish for all cars to be everything to everyone is a delusional pipe dream. There will always be tradeoffs — performance at the expense of economy and visa versa. Decent performance and economy is possible; exceptional performance and economy ain’t gonna happen. Adding the need for more room only complicates matters, as roomier vehicles tend to be bigger, which tend to be heavier, which require more powerful and thirstier engines to move them, etc. etc.

  10. The is no infrastructure for refueling stations. I think hybrid with diesel would go along way (it may not help in reducing our dependent on foreign oil but we would use less of it).

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