How about some extra Camaro Concept pictures….

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  1. Well at least this will be built. Who knows if the Challenger will make it to production with Cerberus at the helm. Chrysler should never have given up Bob Lutz and this is proof.

  2. Jeez, you could play ping pong on that hood. The wheels are cartoonishly big, and the entire car is too bloated and too heavy.

  3. Vince, The interior, especially the seats and fabrics look very disappointing in these pictures. Let’s hope GM doesn’t try to pull a Chryslar on us with the interior just to keep profits up and prices down! It will certainly hurt sales in the long run for an otherwise excellent platform.

  4. Wow, I’m impressed. One poster can tell how much the Camaro weighs just by looking at the picture. Another can tell the quality of the fabrics, again, just by looking at the picture. It’s as if the Amazing Kreskin were here.

  5. Looks like some poor soul could use a brand new flat screen monitor out there, since they can’t see the posted pictures on their old one now but if they can’t afford one how do they expect to pay for a new Camaro?

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