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Another illustration from the great Mark Stehrenberger.
Who is usually really close.

This would be based on the upcoming RWD sedan.

I wonder… The Japanese seem to have a hard time cracking the large truck market.
But maybe if it looks more modern, is car based and cheaper. They’ll have a shot.
From these specs, it looks like they are going more after Honda anyway…

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  1. maybe they should do a modern ranchero? Those sold well enough in the 70’s. Been off the market for years, and who knows? Gen Y’ers might like it?
    Rumor control(, future vehicles, 08 and 09) says 2 trucks for Hyundai, one RWD( and on a hyundai fan website,a small FWD truck, too).
    Sounds like the FWD truck would be first, then the RWD.
    About time!
    I know a few people who want somehting like this, but at a cheaper price than say the Ridgeline.
    With Hyundai, though, who knows what they’ll do!

  2. The Japanese seem to have a hard time cracking the large truck

    Not surprising given the mentality of domestic truck buyers.

  3. william Clay said…

    don’t bother…just leave us alone, ok!

    Isolationists are funny…unless they’re wanting to sell their behemoths in other countries.

  4. It is still a mystery why we have not yet had in inexpensive import pickup in North America. There has got to be a market here for something like what we had with the first GM S-10, or the Omni-Horizon-VW trucks from the eighties. I’d like a small pickup that got good mileage. Once had a Ranger, but even that is bigger than us suburbanites need for general household haulage.

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