Imperial approved for production

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Chrysler has just approved one of the ugliest concept ever for production.

Now that the US brand isn’t afraid of going into the Mercedes price range.
I have seen the concept with my own eyes, and I can say it is scary from every angle.

Chrysler claims they don’t want to sell a $50 000 car. So this should be quite cheaper than that.
Still not worth it.

It makes a Town Car look like Raquel Welch.

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  1. The exterior is Rolls Royce lite, but the interior is a joke. Someone needs their head examined on that one.

  2. I bet the R&D has already been done. If anything this means that the Challenger will not be canceled.

  3. I’ve seen it in “person” and I think it looks pretty good from the side and rear. The front is absolute torture to look at. It resembles the Terminator’s face with the skin melted away. Not good. But the proportion, the size and the design of most of the car is very good.

  4. I saw this at Detroit, and it was a hit there. Perhaps needs a little restyle, but the package was a terrific idea.

  5. The dash reminds me of a 1940’s style table radio. The exterior looks grotesque in this photo. I hope it looks better in real life

  6. I don’t think they could have gotten away with approving this for production if they didn’t majorly revise this concept.

    I’m a big fan of Chrysler’s bold designs but this one goes a little too far for its own good.

    It seems that they wanted to build a vehicle of this type for some time now and I’m sure they had plenty of other designs to bring together for it.

  7. Hey Vince,

    I love your blog and look forward to reading it daily.
    I agree, this new IMPERIAL is not pretty by any definition.
    I’ve seen it up close at the New York, San Francisco and San Jose auto shows.
    However, the Imperial has a “big time” type presence that is missing from most cars.

    Remember what you said about the Chrysler 300 look a few years back? 🙂

    Look at how that car was received.

    I suspect Imperial might be a hit in it’s price range. $45-55k.

  8. DEAD ON ARRIVAL…. I am sure that everyone has something to say about this blatent eyesore but it is proven that anyone with very bad taste and alot of money to trash will buy it. I would be embarrassed. What has happened to understated elegance. Rolls Royce is ssssooooo far ahead of this game. To compare them is an insult to good taste.

  9. Great news for chrysler, it shows they are focussed now, this should help alot. early calculations say that this car, once in production, should add about “12” units per year to Chryslers sales figures. Way to go Chrysler, you are on a roll.

  10. It’ll get cleaned up nicely for production. Don’t say it’s ugly… you’ll be eating your words when the production version hits the road.

  11. I like the idea of a tall, roomy sedan, but this one, like the Ford 500, gives them a bad name. Still, some people want a car that doesn’t look like everyone else’s curved roof sedan. The 300 at least has some panache.

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