It’s official!

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There you go.
Ford’s own version of the Mazda5.

For a few Asian markets only.

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  1. NO! UH UH!!! They better use that version for the us to bring back the fun in minivan! At lease as the madza 5 cousin in the us.Please let it be!……..the ford freestar replacement!!!!

  2. I prefer the original. The nose is very ugly! The rearbumper looks a lot better though

    What are the source of the pics? I alway miss that on this website..

  3. The only favorable thing about Ford cars is their Mazda DNA.

    Makes more sense to ignore Ford and just buy a Mazda. The problem is that some Mazdas now have so much Ford in them that they’ve been ruined. Too bad.

  4. Damn! I just scrolled down to “It’s Official!”, saw that there were photos of the i-Max, and thought this was coming to the U.S. to replace the Freestar, before I scrolled down further!

  5. WOW. That van is HOTT! Please Ford bring it over here. Get rid of the Flex and give us this one.

    There are no more fun mini-minivan when Mazda decided to rid of the MPV in the states.

  6. I have to say, that this is just as unimpressive and old fashioned as a Hyundai or Kia minivan. I actually like the Flex a whole lot better.

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