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Some gutsy guy has done it.
We have now a pretty good picture of the all new Jaguar XF interior.
And to me, it doesn’t look like a Jag. Just like the exterior.

I know they are going for something different.
But the only thing it is different from is other Jags.
It pretty much looks like a bunch of other cars out there. Jaguars should be very special.
That’s why people buy them.

They need to get ideas from their legendary past. Not from other manufacturers.

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  1. Yikes… the interior design is terrible. What a poor use of what probably are good materials.

    The new XK’s interior was an abomination. They had an opportunity to correct it with this XF, but they totally blew it.

    This interior will need to be redesigned halfway through the product cycle. Guaranteed.

  2. I agree, this is a Lincoln Interior and would be better of going into the MK whatever the large sedan will be called, and it probably will. This car is Jaguar in name only.

  3. You lot are so out of date- exactly the people the XF is not aimed at. It’s aimed at young, modern custermers that it is, at the moment not targetting. The new XK interior was great and this looks even better. Can’t wait until I can pre-order my own XF at the local dealer.

  4. You guys are so out of date. Exactly the people Jaguar is trying not to target with the new XF. They are trying to target the younger market- this is a great interior, as was the new XK’s. I just can’t wait until my own XF is sitting on the drive.

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