Lexus IS convertible

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I can’t tell if these are real or not…
But the fastback design is a surprise. I have never seen that on a convertible. And it doesn’t really match the sedan.
I am sure it’ll look pretty nice anyway.
First Japanese competition to the European hart top convertibles from Volvo and BMW.

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  1. Whoa, if that’s real, it’s awsome. It would be the first hardtrop convertable that truly preserves the looks of a coupe.

  2. If they keep it below $40,000 then say so long to all the FWD hardtop convertibles. BTW where the hell is the Infiniti G37 convertible?

  3. The attractive greenhouse would look better on another car. Real or not, the IS itself looks ridiculous, like someone cut a big slice out of the middle. The doors seem too short and the proportions look awkward, especially with the top up. Back to the drawing board with this one.

  4. No worries people! It’s no doubt a fake picture.

    If you look closely, the shadow the rear seat head rest is further back in the picture with the top up. Unless they made the rear seat slidable (I highly doubt), it cannot be at two different position for the same angle of picture.

    Also the shadow of where the steering wheel is, they are different between the two images.

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